Sad news about Dale Graves

The global community of Friends United Meeting grieves the loss of Dale Graves, who died on December 10, 2018, eleven months after receiving a cancer diagnosis.

praying for Dale

The Belize Friends School community praying for Dale Graves on the day last January that he abruptly left Belize because of unexplained health concerns. A few days later, he learned it was cancer.

Until January, 2018, Dale served as Interim Director of Belize Friends Ministries, an FUM field staff position. In this capacity, he gave tirelessly to fulfill God’s call on Friends to witness to the love of Jesus Christ among the Southside community of Belize City. He was instrumental in helping FUM reach clarity on that call, and led the work of finding, buying, and rehabilitating a new facility in which to house a burgeoning ministry.

Dale and his wife, Sylvia Graves, are beloved by Friends from around the world, who experienced their humble and generous gifts of service over many years. Eden Grace, FUM’s Global Ministries Director, shared these thoughts:

“Each morning in Belize, Dale would rise before the sun and set out on a jog along the seashore. This morning routine was not only a time for physical exercise, it was a time for spiritual sight, in which he attuned himself to the beauty and wonder of his surroundings. Many mornings, he would return from his run to post a breathtakingly-beautiful sunrise photograph on Facebook as testimony to the glory of God and the gift of a new day. Dale’s collection of sunrise photographs have served as many things for me – background images for powerpoint presentations, memes, and screen savers – but also as visual reminders of the wonder and joy of each moment in each day, in all things vast and minute. Dale’s unique combination of good cheer, hard work, and spiritual perception have left an indelible mark on countless people, and he will be dearly missed.”

A service of thanksgiving for the life of Dale Graves will be held on January 5, 2019. Details will be shared as they become available.


Dale sunrise in Belize


Dale Bliss lighthouse

3 thoughts on “Sad news about Dale Graves

  1. I thought of Dale as my correspondent in Belize. His perspectives were anticipated and welcome. His work in retirement is an example worthy of emulation.

  2. Dear Friends in Belize & Everywhere,

    I write to inform the Family of Friends Everywhere that we, Humphreys and Miriam Were, have learnt of the untimely death of Dale Graves with sadness. Ever since we participated in the 2016 FUM Triennial and got to know of the work of Dale & Sylvia Graves in Belize, we joined the group of their admirers.. Being from Kenya where Oscar Mmbali comes from who had felt a call for service in Belize, we were keen to know the work that was taking place in Belize and we thanked God for the foundations that Dale and Sylvia has helped to lay down. Soon after the 2016 FUM Triennial, our dear friends–actually Sister and brother–Rosalie Dance and Adrian Bishop were also called to work in Belize. Therefore, even if we didn’t personally know Dale and Sylvia, we sense the closeness within the extended family and sense the great loss to Belize and, indeed, to the FUM Family from the death of Dale Graves.

    At difficult times such as these, I do feel that we who believe in God as revealed in Jesus Christ are lucky because we know that the death of our bodies here on earth is not the last word! Like our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ, we, too, look forward to rising from death and continuing with life. And so we believe that Dale is now in a new life where there are no sicknesses or any other sorrows and we rejoice with him in this new existence. May Sylvia and all those who were close to Dale in family and/or work find comfort in this thought.

    Regarding Dale’s work, we know that the Lord God is a Master-Builder. Therefore, He is already building on the work that Dale and Sylvia laid down with Belize Friends and all those involved as they worked together. This was for the promotion of the Abundant Life that our Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ, clearly stated that he came to help us to have. And so in this we also rejoice that promotion of the Abundant Life in Belize continues!! . May God continue to bless the work of those who are now working in Belize, those supporting the work in Belize and those who are, indeed, involved in expanding the work in Belize. .

    Sorry Pastor Oscar that because I do not have your email address I could not copy this to you. May the peace of God be always with you. MamaMiriam.

    In peace and Friendship, Miriam K. Were.. . ,

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