The Thornburgs

This blog post begins with a sincere apology.  I like to write a post following the visit of any group of folks who come to Belize. I have no idea why I did not do this with the Thornburgs, so here it is — about 3 months late.

The Thornburgs are from Indianapolis First Friends. Aaron is head of maintenance for Goodwill in Indy and Michelle is an art therapist who works with children. Both are graduates of Herron School of Art. They brought their two children, Meshach and Kwali,  with them to discover Belize and to help with the projects here.

The first three photos are from Sunday School. Michelle worked with Miriam Loh and we did some art to illustrate scripture.






Each day, during the week, the whole family worked with our students on some art therapy kinds of work. The students really enjoyed it. So did Ms Candi (principal), Ms Athina and Ms Starlee (teachers). The following is a compilation of photos taken on different days.

During the remaining part of the day we got started on the renovation of the residence that is above the Center.

Above: since we couldn’t remove the broken tile from the underlayment we had to remove the whole floor. Nasty job.

Below, Aaron is repairing the hole where the young man who was installing the air conditioner stepped through the ceiling drywall. Oops.

We had to put down a cement board underlayment before actually setting tile.

And finally the tiling began. We were able to complete two bedrooms and the hallway.

I didn’t get a very formal photo but here we are on the last day.

The Thornburgs have a unique set of gifts. It was fun watching them do the art work with the students and then, without so much as a blink, get dirty cutting cement board and laying tile. We were blessed.

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