LeGrand, Iowa Friends

by Dale Graves

Shortly after noon on Friday, November 3, Alan Mullikan, Gary Bryant, and Travis Vaughn arrived from LeGrand Friends in Iowa. I picked them up at the airport and we ate some lunch on the way into town. We took a little tour of the city and then got them settled into their room. They had flown out of Omaha to save money but that meant that they had been traveling by car and plane since about midnight so they took about an hour for some rest.

LeGrand team (9 of 23)On that first evening we removed a wall that had been added on the front bedroom. The two tiny bedrooms then became one nice sized room. Sorry about the fuzziness of this photo but it was taken after dark with my phone.

Our task for this team was to put down tile in the main room and in this bedroom. In order to do that we had to lay plycem (cement board that comes in 4×8 sheets) first.



LeGrand team (7 of 23)

The adults visited during the Sunday School hour while the children had class.

The forecast was for decent weather on Saturday and Sunday with rain coming in on Monday so I decided that we needed to take our play time early in the visit. On Saturday afternoon we visited Caye Caulker and then on Sunday after Meeting for Worship and Sunday School we visited Alun Ha, a Mayan ruin that is only an hour’s drive from the city.

LeGrand team (11 of 23)

This view is taken from the top of one of the temples at Altun Ha looking toward the temple of the Masonry Altars, sometimes called the temple of the Sun God.

On Monday we began in earnest. And on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we completed the laying of the plycem and the tile. There wasn’t much relaxation except that we did have time in the evening to visit some local restaurants.

LeGrand team (1 of 1)Gary mixed the mud, Travis spread it on the floor, Alan and I cut and laid tiles (Alan mostly). Gary also managed to do drywall repair and paint one small bedroom.




We completed that work late Wednesday, including cutting off the bottom of the exterior doors so they would fit over the new tile and re-installing them.LeGrand team (20 of 23)

Then we went ‘off script.’ I asked the guys for their ideas about creating a Christmas tree to put on the roof. The base of an old CB antenna remains on the roof and when Mike Cain removed the old broken CB antenna, we kept the parts.LeGrand team (21 of 23)

So we played. I hope that the Christmas tree will bring some more attention to the Center–and I just like Christmas and Christmas trees.






I completed the assembly of the tree, installed an outlet on the roof, ran a switch wire so the outlet can be turned on by a switch near the office on the ground floor and tested it out.

LeGrand team (23 of 23)

I’m headed to the states on Monday. Ms Candi will turn it back on when it reaches the appropriate date.

Thanks a ton to the ‘guys from LeGrand’. They were fun to work with and we got a good bit accomplished.

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