World Quaker Day

by Dale Graves

Last Sunday was world Quaker Day but here in Belize we don’t mind being a little late to things so we celebrated it today. I did not take any photos of morning worship.

We have begun an inter-generational Sunday (First Day) School. Miriam Loh, on the right, led the class in an art activity centered on Psalm 119:89,90

world quaker day (6 of 7)

Aaron and Michelle Thornburg from 1st Friends, Indianapolis, and their children are here this week. Here Michelle shows off her artwork.

world quaker day (7 of 7)


Mike and Emmanuel walk to Sunday School.  If I have my information correct, they walk well over a mile.  I know it’s not through snow, uphill both ways, but I’m still impressed.

world quaker day (3 of 7)

From left to right, Noemi, Miriam, Emmanuel, Mike

Afterwards we hung the artwork “on the line.”

Following the school hour we had a pitch-in dinner.  As we were eating we noticed that Omar was preaching to his small congregation. I’m not sure he has their full attention.

world quaker day (1 of 7)

What fun.

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