Time to Plant a Garden

On the first day of school, a couple weeks ago, Ms Candi asked me to put aside the work on the building and to introduce myself to the students. During that introduction I promised them that we would plant a garden.

Wednesday morning, before catching the plane to Indiana, it was time.  I had saved the paint buckets. First we had to drill holes in the bottom to make sure that excess water could exit the pot.

Then we cut off the tops of the two 5-gallon buckets so they would not be quite so large.

garden (15 of 17)

We had purchased some top soil but in Belize top soil is very ‘gummy’ and so we mixed it with sand.  Then we placed some stone in the bottom of the bucket and filled the remainder with the sand/soil mix.

Each student got to choose what seeds to plant in their bucket.  They wrote their name on their bucket and the type of seed that they planted.

I read the information from the packet about how deep to plant that particular seed and tried to help them understand that a quarter inch really isn’t very deep.

garden (3 of 17)

We watered and carried our ‘prizes’ up to the roof.  I had each of them put their name on the white board with the name of the seed in their bucket.

Then I instrgarden (2 of 17)ucted them to water their plants any time that there is a two-day stretch without rain. They are also supposed to check each day to see when their plants germinate and write that date on the whiteboard next to their name.


This’ll be fun — and educational.

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