What is happening?

I have been very busy in Belize. In fact far too busy. And I realized yesterday that I have let that busyness get in the way of an update.

In order to help you know what is happening, I am going to try to make more, shorter, postings so that you can know what’s happening.

When I returned to Belize, Candi causally mentioned that she would like to have the main meetingroom in the front building ready for commencement on June 18. After a short period of panic, I decided to see if we could make that happen.

Chico, our local contractor, gave me a bid for putting in a door and 5 windows. (The space used to have windows but they had been blocked in.) That work is well underway.

We also needed to pull down the old ceiling. First of all, it was ugly, and second, we needed to find the plumbing and wiring runs.

From left to right, Miriam DeShield, Tonie Young, Christopher DeShield, Miriam Loh DeShield, and Candi Young. We are beginning the process of tearing out the ceiling. Notice that there are no windows in the wall

Last evening at 5:00. The windows have been installed in the South wall and the door is underway. This photo is taken with a cell phone camera and the room looks bigger than it actually is. I am standing in the front of the room looking toward the rear. You can see Rico in the rear mixing some concrete on the floor.

John is waiting for some concrete to set up before continuing work on the door. This is a view of the windows in the north wall. Notice that the ceiling has been removed in the back part of the room.

The local meeting started that job last Sunday after meeting for worship and I have hired Ms Candi’s high school aged son, Tonie, to work after school this week continuing the work. We should have the ceiling down by the end of today and then we can begin the needed electrical work.

Tonie is working on the ceiling.

Stay tuned.

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