I hate plumbing.

Did I mention that I hate plumbing?

The top item on my list when I arrived was to renovate the bathroom that will serve the community center part of the building that I showed you yesterday.

There were more pressing issues when I arrived so I finally got started on the bathroom Monday morning.

Earlier we had had a leak in the pipe that supplies the toilet water. It was too close to where it enters the cement floor to be repaired and still function so I got the leak stopped and went on about my business. But now it was time to do a complete re-plumbing job bringing the water in through a block wall. That took a half day and two or three trips the hardware (because a single trip to the hardware is unheard of).

There were other non-plumbing issues. The ceiling was drywall (a very bad choice in a country with this much humidity) that had gotten wet and had a big hole in it. So job one, or is that two, was to tear out the ceiling. I decided to go with the trendy industrial look. The roof rafters are exposed and have been painted white. Some spacing at the top of the old wall has been grouted above the old tile and painted white to match the new ‘ceiling.’  That part went ok–except that it took about twice as long as I thought it should.

Then it was on to the toilet repair. The old toilet had been leaking around the wax seal and the ‘guts’ were not functioning. And it was nasty dirty.  So I removed it completely, took it out to the garden hose and got it cleaned up. After the cleaning and the new innards were put in the tank I was ready to install. I decided to install the bowl first and attach the tank later.  The bowl had been originally held to the concrete floor by lag screws that had almost rusted away so it was off to the store for new screws. The hardware store did not have the same size as the old ones so I had to decide to go 1/2 inch long or 1/2 inch short. Chose long. Wrong. Broke one off.  Back to the hardware for the short ones. Also the part under the toilet was a little funky so it was necessary to add a second wax ring. But with the correct screws and the second wax ring the bowl was properly attached to the floor.

Now all I had to do was attach the tank to the bowl. No problem. Except that the bolts that came with the kit were two big to go through the old holes in the bottom of the tank. So it was back to the hardware for smaller bolts. My favorite hardware did not have them so it was off to another hardware store. Found ’em. Finally, I got the tank properly affixed to the bowl and the water line attached.

There was only one leak. (I always have a leak.) Got that fixed. Toilet flushed, refilled, and shut off when it was supposed to. Woohoo.

Onward to the sink replacement. The old sink needed to be discarded and I had decided to get a pedestal sink so it would take up less space in the small bathroom. That seemed to be a good idea at the time. However when I went to install the new sink the original plumbing stuck out too far from the wall to be usable.  So, of course, I had to cut the old drain pipe and supply pipe closer to the wall. That meant a trip to the hardware to get a shutoff that took up less space and new connections to the supply and drain.

I finally got the sink water supply roughed in at about 6:30. The drain will have to wait until tomorrow. You see, it gets dark here by 7 and there is no light in the room because I have not yet worked on the re-wiring that need to be done.

You can count on pictures when I’m done!


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