Fairfield Work Team

We didn’t dress up for the selfie, but here we are. Bob Stevens, Robbie Stevens, Sarah Lookabill, all from Fairfield Meeting near Indianapolis, and me. And let me start right off by saying that these photos are from Sarah.

We worked for a week, getting a start on the renovations to the new facility. But first we had to go get the mattresses for the bunk beds so we had a place to sleep. I had picked up the group with the bus so we drove it to the mattress factory and came back with the mattresses.


We got our first look at the bunkhouse, half of the third floor of the back building, where teams will stay in the future. This hardy team took a little time to begin to make it presentable. Sarah stayed in what will be Oscar’s bedroom and Bob and Robbie started to work on the bunkhouse. We decided that the little weird room in the corner had to go.


So on the second day it looked like this.


Then we began the work of converting all the fluorescent fixtures to accept LED bulbs. That was a big job.


I thought it would be good to eat street food.


Sitting by the sea to eat wasn’t bad either.


On Sunday we worshiped with Friends, joined by some of the group from Guilford College who were visiting Friends School.


After worship, I talked them into helping me move. What I thought would be 2 trips turned into 5 but we got it done and I slept in the bunkhouse on Sunday night.


We did take a break one afternoon and visit the Mayan Ruins at Altun Ha. Thanks to Mr Frank Tench for taking us because the bus was being repaired from having regular gasoline put in the diesel. (Ack!)


Also one day we went to school where Robbie taught the kids how to make rope necklaces and wristbands. Note in the photo above that Robbie and Sarah are wearing the necklaces.



But mostly we worked on electrical  and Sarah did yoemans work cleaning up the ‘yard’ and the apartment that will be for Oscar Mmbali.




Here are a couple of photos of the apartment.



The Fairfield team did a wonderful job of getting things started.

I shall be returning to Belize on February 28 after which we will be working like crazy trying to get two classrooms on the second floor ready for class by Easter break when we would love to move our students to the new facility.

The work will include installing two toilets and sinks, making partitions, installing whiteboards, installing regular doors in place of the old heavy iron sliding barn type doors we have now, sealing the floors and painting the rooms. If we get that far then we will begin work on Ms Candi’s office area. (We are hiring a contractor to install exterior stairs, cut out the concrete for windows and install Belizean shutter style windows.)

We have teams from Winchester, IN and Wilmington, OH coming down and a trio from Carmel. More help is welcome between February 28 and April 8. Please email me if you would like to help: daleggraves@gmail.com.



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