A new program at Belize Friends School

I’m so proud of our Belize Friends School Board that I could “bust a button,” as my mom used to say.

Last spring we approved the addition of Brithney’s mom to the board representing parents. At that meeting Mr Tench had also invited a guest who was interested in possibly being on the board, Ms Lizbeth, the editor of the Reporter. The Reporter is the independent newspaper in Belize city, not affiliated with any political party.

Ms Lizbeth attended again this fall and we will be recommending her appointment as a community representative to the board. Near the end of the meeting Mr Tench asked if there was any other new business and she looked at him like he knew what she was going to say.  He said, “Oh yes, I’m sorry I forgot that. Please go ahead.”

Apparently she had spoken with Mr Tench ahead of time but she took time to present to us the possibility of a literacy class for adults. She has become concerned with the number of adults in Belize city who are functionally illiterate. She commented that she was not a teacher but would be glad to take the training and offer the class with whatever assistance we could offer. Brithany’s mom immediately offered to help. How cool is that?

We took the time to plan, right then and there.  The two ladies, with the assistance of Candi and our teachers, will gather materials and become trained to teach the class. We are allowing ourselves this first semester to get ready.

Class will begin in January. It will be limited to 5 students and will be held at the same time as our PSE prep class, Monday through Thursday evenings, in a different part of the building. (Our building is so huge, you know.)

On a side note, we are hoping that some of the students in the literacy class, once they can read, will want to become part of our Primary School for Adults, and then go on to high school–and then who knows what.

We will charge $40 Bz per semester and all of that money will be spent on materials. The teachers are volunteering. Now just how cool is that? Belizeans helping Belizeans. I could almost cry.

Back in Belize

I arrived back in Belize yesterday at just before noon Belize time. I will be writing more about what I am doing here, but that will come later.  Just now I have a few observations.

The car was flooded rather badly during the hurricane and will need some work on one of the wheels. Also the front seat does not move forward and back any more. Unfortunately it is electric and is stuck in a position that is much further from the pedals than my little short legs appreciate.

Some of the people on the morning walk recognized me and seemed glad to see me.

There was a robbery in my apartment while I was gone. I’m missing my TV, my Belize phone, a stand fan, and some extension cords.  Concerning the TV, ummm, this is football season.

The city has done a pretty good job of cleaning things up.

Do you remember that pier that I use as a foreground in some of my sunrise photos? Hurricane Earl pretty much destroyed it. Ms Candi said they were finding pier boards all over town.


They sell real Cadbury chocolate here.

More later…