Ms Florence

florence (1 of 1)Remember this picture?

Mr Elroy, Ms Florence, and Ms Ruby were the students who first signed up for the pilot program: Primary School for Adults.

Mr Elroy had attendance problems from the beginning and soon stopped coming. Ms Ruby struggles with reading and about half way through spring semester we had a conversation with her about not being ready to take the Primary School Exam this spring. Ms Florence, however, made steady progress during the year and we hoped that she was ready for the exam.

I taught the class in the fall semester and Mr Frank taught the spring semester. I concentrated on basic math and reading. He concentrated on test prep.  Ms Florence did take both portions of the test, math and science in April and English and social studies in May.. We had been told that she would be separated and would set the test with other adults.  That however did not happen. When the day came she sat in the same classroom with the rest of our students.  Oh well…

We sat on pins and needles waiting for PSE results, and when the results came for the rest of the students her result sheet was not included. Ms Candi made a call. No, the adult results would be coming later.  Then two weeks ago today we got the call that we could come to the district Education Office and pick up the results.  I went.

They handed me a closed manila envelope and I left the office. I knew I should wait until I got back to school but I just couldn’t stand it. I opened the envelope and checked the scores. She passed! As soon as I got to school I showed Ms Candi and Mr Tench.  To be truthful, we were almost giddy.


We called Ms Florence and told her the results were in.  This is the smile we got when she saw that she had passed.

She is now registered for night school to work on her high school diploma at Gwen Lizzaraga High School.  It is a three year program. I told her that I wanted an invitation to her high school graduation.

She reminded me of that this morning when she came in to get her primary school certificate.

florence3 (1 of 1)

Dale Graves, Florence Masseus, Frank Tench



1 thought on “Ms Florence

  1. Monrovia HS in Indiana was glad to help with the graduation gown. Looks great on her! We wish her luck with HS.

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