Alumni Banquet

Alumni Banquet Ticket

Last spring we started the tradition of an annual Alumni Banquet for Friends School. We had a great meal and a wonderful time with the few people who were in attendance.

This year Ms Candi and Ms Maggie have designed things a little differently.  They think this event should be as much about raising money for the school as it is about having a great time together.  In that spirit they have printed 150 tickets and assigned the responsibility of selling them.

I, of course, thought that I could get off scott-free, but no, and I quote, “You can sell them to your friends, they don’t actually have to attend.” This statement was followed by a big smile.

Here’s the deal. You buy a ticket for $30 Bz ($15 US).  I send you the ticket. If you want to come, you get a flight to Belize for May 28 and come to the banquet. Don’t forget your ticket.  If you cannot come to Belize you have supported the Friends School with a donation and kept me out of the doghouse.

If you choose to participate, please get your $15 to Sylvia before she comes down on the 17th and I will put your ticket in an envelope that she will mail you when she gets home on the 24th.  For those of you who have gotten all excited and already purchased your airline tickets, just let me know and your ticket will be held for you at the entrance.

Oh, about the “cash bar.”  I saw the ticket and said to Ms Candi, “Cash bar? Are we selling booze?”  She said, “No, soft drinks, I just didn’t know any other way to say it on the ticket.”  So now you know.

In a more serious tone, we are concerned that some of our student’s parents, who are also invited, and some of our alumni cannot afford $30 Bz to come to the banquet. We have decided that we will sell some discounted tickets to folks who want to come and can’t afford it.  Your purchase will help cover the cost for one of those people. Thanks.


4 thoughts on “Alumni Banquet

  1. Better make it out to Sylvia Graves and let her cash it before she comes. It probably should be made out to Friends Boys School, but checks here take about 3 weeks to clear.

  2. Dale, I will not come, but will give Sylvia $15 for a ticket for one of the family of a student who cannot afford the money so they can come.  I will give Sylvia the check tomorrow at USFWI  Western at Fairfield tomorrow, and what about announcing the affair there and seeing if others might want to give her $15 for that purpose also? Also I talked with Dr Cathy Jerez Barwani last eve.  Do you have her address?  She probably would send money for a ticket.  (She taught one of the classes there, remember).  If you don’t want to send her an invitation and want me to call her, I can do that. Florence Emma

    • Florence, I invited her last year and did not get a response. It would be quite wonderful if you talked to her. An announcement at USFW would be wonderful. Maybe you can coordinate that with Sylvia.


      On Mon, Apr 25, 2016 at 11:59 AM, FUM in Belize wrote:


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