Gang Followup

I suspect the regular readers of this blog would like some followup to the last posting.

First of all, there has been no immediate revenge.  I can only assume that a whole lot of folks are working on this behind the scenes. Of course that includes us at Friends School.

All the students are back at school except Egbert, the boy who was threatened. It would probably be safe for him but his mom is still not comfortable sending him.  We will continue to be in touch with Egbert and with his mom.

I received more comments on this blog than on any other. I also received several emails. They fell into two categories: (1) we are praying for you and holding you up in the Light of Christ and (2) here’s what you need to do. Response #1 was super helpful.  Yes, I believe that “the fervent prayers of a righteous person availeth much.”

In response to the persons who offered suggestions:  We continually emphasize to our students that God does offer them a life beyond gangs-a life that is wonderful and fulfilling. We also, for 20 years, have established the school as a gang free zone.  Students from both red and blue ares have attended our school since it began. Ms Candi, our principal, is very emphatic at the beginning of the year that this school will not tolerate gang activity. She knows the gang symbols of dress, haircuts, hand signals, etc. and is consistent in addressing those issues. Thank God she grew up on the south side and is fully aware of the situation and has lots of people who love her and keep her in the loop when “stuff” is happening.


Each Friday morning we have “Friday worship.” I have very little to do with it.  I find the readings for the day and I am expected to give a 5 minute “message.” Ms Candi, Ms Darcel, and the students plan the rest of it, including picking out the songs for the day.

We have a standard order of worship: A group reading of a call to worship which is projected on the wall; a song, a scripture reading, a short meditation, and a prayer, all lead by students; a time of sharing of joys and concerns; another song, a short message by me, a time of quiet worship after the manner of Friends, and a closing by Ms Candi.

The gang issue was present but not prominent in the time of sharing of joys and concerns. My message was about a real, living, powerful God who loves us and who we can know personally.

I don’t know if Ms Candi or the students picked it out but the closing consisted of singing “Lean on Me” followed by the Lord’s Prayer.  The students participated with enthusiasm in both. It was perfect.

5 thoughts on “Gang Followup

  1. Thanks for the update, Dale.  You are daily in my prayers as is the school  May God give ou all wisdom and courage.


  2. Thanks, Dale. I understand that you have met my niece, Miriam DeShield, who lives in Belize. Her family runs several vet clinics, the dream of her husband, Michael, who was a native of Belize.

    • Not only have I met her, but I see her every Sunday at meeting for worship along with her oldest son and his family. We are meeting in her home this Sunday to consider a Quaker response to recent troubles between Belzie and Guatemala.

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