Reading The Mail

Some of the Guilford College students who worked with our students promised to write when they returned home.  I know how busy people can get when they return home and how new semesters consume everyone’s time so I didn’t hold my breath.

But in the post office box this week there were several letters to individual students from their Guilford partners. I really enjoyed watching their faces as I called out their names.

In that very same mail pickup we received the current copy of Quaker life. When I had learned that the front cover was to be a photo of our students I had asked for a few extra copies. Ms Candi decided that if we gave one copy to each family we would have enough for everyone.  To say that the students were excited about seeing their photos on Quaker Life would be a bit of an understatement..


1 thought on “Reading The Mail

  1. Tell the students the picture of them was great. They are a handsome bunch. I am glad also that
    Guilford students are following through with letters.. I am praying for a happy and fruitful time for you, Dale and Sylvia, while she is there. we miss you both. Florence

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