Reading The Mail

Some of the Guilford College students who worked with our students promised to write when they returned home.  I know how busy people can get when they return home and how new semesters consume everyone’s time so I didn’t hold my breath.

But in the post office box this week there were several letters to individual students from their Guilford partners. I really enjoyed watching their faces as I called out their names.

In that very same mail pickup we received the current copy of Quaker life. When I had learned that the front cover was to be a photo of our students I had asked for a few extra copies. Ms Candi decided that if we gave one copy to each family we would have enough for everyone.  To say that the students were excited about seeing their photos on Quaker Life would be a bit of an understatement..


It may just look like a Bus Window to you

but it looks like a God thing to me.

This week I posted a photo on facebook of the driver’s side window on the school bus which had been broken out overnight. Someone had stolen the bus radio.


The police came and did their investigation and the officer asked who was responsible for the bus and would be giving the police report. Quick like a cat, I named Ms Candi. She answered all the questions she could and agreed to come to the police station to make a full report after we had gotten the estimates for repairs.  In Belize the repair estimates are a part of the police report.

I made a couple of phone calls and got a price of $300 for the window glass plus $25 to install.  (all prices in Belize $)  We could not find a radio in Belize City that was as fancy as the one that was stolen.  Ms Candi called our insurance company and, even though we only have liability insurance, our agent did some looking and came up with the same price for the window and $875 for the radio.

I had some other errands to run so I went on my way but when I returned Ms Candi said that she and Ms Darcel had been making some further calls to see if they could find a better price when Tyler McCoy called out, “Miss, miss?”

“Yes Tyler?”

“My father works for a bus repair company, maybe he can help.”  A phone call or two later, sure enough, Mr McCoy works for Leo Batty who owns the major bus sales, maintenance and repair facility in the city. Mr Batty knew of the work that we do and agreed that Mr McCoy could give us a used window and install it for free.



I went the following morning and by late afternoon we had an installed window.

For free.

Like I said, it may just look like a bus window to you…

new bus window (1 of 1)

Aloveen and Friends

Yes, it was possible for Aloveen to have visitors. Ms. Candi and I went out to the Youth Hostel and spoke with a young lady who works with the students. We talked about how we were working with Aloveen and asked how she was doing.  The director asked us if we would like to hear the answers directly from Aloveen. When we responded positiviely, she sent for her.

When we asked how she was doing Aloveen said that it was kind of hard doing our homework because she essentially had to teach herself the material.  I was concerned about how hard that was going to be with the mathematics word problems on the Primary School Exam (PSE) so I asked if I could come out the the Hostel and work with her on those. Both Aloveen and the director agreed to that.

I do not remember exactly how the rest of the conversation went, but somehow we reached an agreement that I would go to the Hostel every Monday and Thursday evening from 5:30 to 7:00 to work on math with 4 to 6 students who would be taking the PSE this spring.

Then I learned that Aloveen will have a court date tomorrow, Feb 22, because she is aging out of the youth hostel. There is a girls home that takes young ladies like her and teaches them independent living.  If the court agrees then she will be transferred to the girls home and will be able to return to school during the day time.

Yes, I will continue to work with the students on PSE prep until the early May test date.

God works in mysterious ways.