Update on the recent troubles

Last week I asked for prayers when we had a girl attacked on the way to school and we learned that three of our boys had been taken to the police station for questioning about involvement in a robbery.  I told you I would keep you in the loop.

First of all, thanks for all the prayers.

Here is what we know now, which is not what we knew yesterday and may not be what we know tomorrow. (I’m going to use fake names, if you don’t mind)

Betty (yup, fake name) has been bouncing around and living with friend, aunt, cousin, etc. since she was about 9 years old.  We had some conversation with her step-mom but her step-mom says that Betty doesn’t want to live with her because there are rules in her house about what time you get home and about doing your homework, and chores to do. We understand that Betty is now back with her biological mother.  She came to school most of this week but has been absent for two days while the move takes place. She is to return on Monday.

John (another fake name), during the questioning by the police, accepted responsibility for being one of the ring leaders in the robbery and cleared the other two boys of participation. His court date is March 18. He is out on bail and came to school the other day expecting us to accept him back. We told him, which he already knew, that he would have to return with his mother. He has not returned.  We suspect that his mother is refusing to come with him.  We would not accept him back this term but would allow him to apply for fall term.

One of the other boys was guilty only of riding the stolen motorcycle. He has shown remorse, his mom came to talk with us, he was readmitted to the classroom and has been really good for the last two days.  We hope it lasts.

The other boy accepted stolen goods; he was given a phone to keep his mouth shut. He was not charged. He did not return to school but we saw him messing with some of our boys at lunch time and confronted him about his future plans and told him he could not be with our students at lunch unless he was attending school.  He has shown absolutely no remorse. We talked to his stepfather this morning and explained that we would accept his application for school in the fall but that we would not accept his return this spring. His stepfather was completely understanding and asked us if we could help get him into another alternative, either Cadets or 4H.  We will make some phone calls and see what is possible.

On the other hand, I was standing outside the school on the last day the Guilford college students were here when a woman with two small boys at her side stopped to talk to me. She had recently “run away” from an alcoholic husband and brought her children to the city.  The children speak Spanish and English, as does she. After she had asked me and Ms Candi several questions she enrolled the two boys.  The next day she brought her daughter (older, probably high school freshman age) and enrolled her too.

So we lost two students and then, right away, gained three.  Wow.

On another note, we have had an older male student since fall who entered our school unable to speak any English.  We just enrolled the young woman who speaks Spanish and English two days ago. Yesterday I saw them heading off to lunch together. Funny how that works.

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