Books. For Free.

Early in the week Ms Candi received a call from Mr August, a former teacher at Friends School who is also a relative of hers (isn’t everybody?). He said that the Rotary had some used textbooks out at Old Belize (a resort near the city) that they were giving away. Of course we called the number he gave us and in a short period of time we were on our way.

We arrived at Old Belize to find a large shipping container (you know, one of those big steel containers that travel on ships) with a lot of textbooks in it. They were stacked on the floor from front to back and we just started searching.  A lot of what was there was high school level (not sure our kids are ready for calculus) but we did find some good level 2, level 3, and level 4 math textbooks and some good literature.

It might be an exaggeration to say the we got a ton of books, but not by much.  The Freestyle was sitting pretty low when we drove away.

Were the books really free?  Yes. They had been brought down by the Rotary and they were giving them to anyone who would make good use of them.  We will. I promise.

Here are some photos of students unloading the SUV and bringing the books upstairs:

Rotary Books (2 of 11)

Cion carrying a stack of math books

Rotary Books (1 of 11)

Keith putting the first of the math books under the counter

Rotary Books (3 of 11)

Harrison lugs another box of books up the stairs.

Rotary Books (4 of 11)

More books

Rotary Books (5 of 11)

Even more books

Rotary Books (11 of 11)

Ms Candi inspecting the haul and supervising

Rotary Books (6 of 11)  Rotary Books (8 of 11)

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