First Friday Friends Worship

In the very first week of the gathering of Friends to worship in Belize, Ms Candi mentioned that she would like to have weekly worship for our Friends School students.  Several conversations and a good bit of preparation later, we held our first Friday Worship this last Friday.

Friday will work best because we do not have math and language lab at the youth center on Fridays.  The plan was that we would meet at school at the regular time, get immediately on the bus and proceed to St. Andrews Presbyterian for our time of worship.

Mike Cain, former principal at Friends School, runs the sound system at St. Andrews for Sundays and he came to school this week to plan with Ms Candi. We decided that it was important for our students to take leadership in the service from the get-go and some students practiced reading their parts during the week.

DSC03603Ms Candi wanted to make sure we all knew how to behave so she spent some time this week explaining what her expectations were. Of course we came in the front door even though the side door was open.

We were a little disappointed in our attendance, only 15 of 25 were present. We will talk about that on Monday.


You can see the boys reading the bulletin, checking out the upcoming order of worship.

Ms Candi and Primilee led the music. You may guess from the photo thDSC03608at Primilee isn’t one of those students who likes to be in front of a microphone.







Jaheim, Jervis, and Nixon read the parts of the devotional. Nixon arrived at school in late August not knowing one word of English.  He’s learning and he did very well.DSC03619Paul shares a joy and a concern.

Mr Dale shares a few thoughts about Friends and explains open worship.


We don’t have any photos of open worship but the students were wonderful. No one spoke from the silence but they were very respectful and perhaps that is the best we could hope for on this very first try.

It was surprising and fun to hear the boys sing some of the songs spontaneously later in the day. We are pleased with our first effort at Friday Meeting for Worship.



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