Belize All-Quaker Meeting

A year ago Sylvia and I hosted a meeting of all the Quakers we could find in Belize.  The Barbers, the Stouts, the Cains, and Sylvia and I met at the home of Sam and Becky Barber. That was so much fun that we decided to do it again this year.  We asked Andy and Lisa Stout if they would host the gathering if Sylvia and I cooked the meal (mostly Sylvia.)

This year we included the new Friends who have been attending the fledgling Friends Meeting here in Belize City.  I borrowed the bus from school. We picked up Judy Lumb at the San Pedro Express water taxi from Caye Caulker, then we picked up the Barbers, the deShields, then Mike and Kay Cain andDSC03588 headed to Belmopan.

Don’t we all look wide awake and ready to go? This pic was taken about 8:30 am, just after we had picked up the Cains.




When we arrived in Belmopan we discovered that Andy and Lisa Stouts daughter, Andrea, had taken ill just before our arrival and Lisa had taken her back home.  We walked up the stairs to PathLight headquarters, where Andy and Lisa work, got the food cooking, and settled in for a time of worship.  Becky Barber brought the reflection for the day.


Singing “This Little Light of Mine” for Omar


Following meeting for worship we shared sloppy joes, potato salad, coleslaw and baked beans and lots of conversation.  Then we gathered into a circle to tell each other what we are ‘up to’ just now.  Andy told us about the facility where we were meeting and the work of Path Light International and we were glad to get to know each other a bit better.

DSC03596 DSC03598

Just as we were prepared to leave Belmopan, Lisa and Andrea arrived and we were able to greet them as well.  I’m already looking forward to the next All-Friends gathering in Belize.


front row; l-r, Naema Barber, Omar deShield, Malique Barber, Cassie Barber. Center row; l-r, Sylvia Graves, Judy Lumb, Kay Cain, Kristy Barber, MIriam deShield. Back Row; l-r, Dale Graves, Andy Stout, Mike Cain, Becky Barber, Sam Barber, Philip de Shield, Gliselle deShield, Miriam deShield, Christopher deShield

1 thought on “Belize All-Quaker Meeting

  1. I am glad to read of your gathering.  Having a little support from friends/Friends will be a boost to morale.  I remember the lonely feeling. Who are the DeShields? Florence

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