This ‘n’ That

There are things happening here in Belize. This post attempts to catch you up a little.


A sunrise photo I took on one of my morning jog/walks last week.


Class sections

We always have a very wide variety of skills here at Friends School but this year is exceptional.  Ms Candi and Ms Darcel have divided the school into 4 sections: Advanced, Prep, Review, and Remedial. We normally have Prep and Review, but we have 3 students who are far ahead of the others–and we will have 4 as soon as Nixon learns English.  So they are in one group.  On the other end of the spectrum, we have 4 students who we are applying to have tested for learning difficulties.  Three of those are returning students from last year.  And we have our typical Prep (one year) and Review (two year) students.

Enrollment We had 19 enrollees on the day school started. Then we gained two, then we lost one. (Brandon decided to accept his spot at Global Outreach) So then we were 20.  This week we were notified that Anthony, who is one of our ‘learning difficulties’ students and was tested a year ago, was being moved to Cadets.  Today is his last day. That put us back down to 19.  Then, just this morning, a father came in to register his son who will start on Monday.  And so it goes.  (The goal is still 25+.)

Alternative to Violence Project  We had made arrangements for Ms Becky Barber and Mr Andrew Dawson to hold an AVP workshop for our school for 3 days this week. On Monday Ms Becky came to begin the workshop and Mr Dawson did not. We decided to go ahead.  On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (today) in the afternoon from 1:00pm to 3:00 pm, Ms Becky did an absolutely wonderful job of leading a workshop for our students and teachers.  (Mr Tench also did a great job translating for Nixon.)

thisnthat-7 thisnthat-10

Ms Candi and Ms Darcel are taking classes at Galen university. There was some group work that needed to be done and our office is air-conditioned. Later in the evening there were even more of them crammed in that little space. The study session went from about 5:30pm to 7:30pm in preparation for a debate on Saturday. The photo was taken with a very wide angle lens–those of you who have actually sat in this office will understand that there really isn’t this much room in the room.


Ms Candi is hidden behind the girl on the far left and you can just barely see Ms Darcel hidden behind the water cooler on the right.

thisnthat-5Expo This is the month in Belize when there are many activities referred to as “September Celebrations.”  One part of that is the Expo. Imagine large tents set up on the campus of the local technical college with a vendor or two in each tent.  You can buy everything from pizza or barbecue to cell phones to trucks to groceries to books to, well you get the idea.  I thought those of you from Indiana might just enjoy this display of Lucas Oil products in the Universal Hardware tent.  Ask me sometime about the Photon (brand name) pick-up truck sold by Universal Hardware, made in China with a Cummins diesel engine and a German transmission.


Paul waiting to read the chart.


We were to arrive at 9:00 so we did. This is taken about 9:45 before any of us got in to see the doctor.

Optometrist We recognized that some of our students may need vision testing. Belize Council for the Visually Impaired is a non-profit that coordinates with the Rotary to provide glasses for those who cannot afford them otherwise.

We took 5 students. Three of them need glasses and one of them needs to be seen by another doctor. (One boy has no vision problems.)

We are scheduled to take 9 more next Wednesday.  Remember that “student services” line item we put in the budget last year?  It’s being put to use.

Thanks for taking the time to get caught up.  I appreciate it.

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