The past few days we have had some visitors stop by.  It is fun when former students stop in to say ‘Hi.’ Some of them just want us to see them in their new high school uniforms.

Mario was our highest performing student last year on the primary school exam. He is enrolled at Gwen Lizarra High School (affectionately known as GwenLiz) here in the City.


Each year we scholarship one student to high school, renewable for 4 years. Kylah is this year’s scholarship student. Kylah will be attending Excelsior HS here in the City. Woohoo, I got her to smile a little.


Update: We graduated 9 last spring. What are they up to?

See update at the bottom of the posting.

I thought you might like to know how our 9 graduates from last year are doing. I’m not giving last names on purpose.

Kevaughn- accepted at Belize Rural High School in Burrell Boom

Kylah-accepted at Excelsior HS, Belize City–Came by yesterday in her uniform.

Michael-accepted at Gwen Liz HS, Belize City

Tyrese-accepted at Global Outreach, a residential Trade school near Belmopan

Elroy-accepted at Stan Creek Ecumenical HS, Stan Creek

Mario-accepted at Gwen’s Liz HS, Belize City  [went to summer school and grumbled about it 😉 ]

Shamar #1- had a bad attitude when he was interviewed by Global Outreach. Probably will not attend HS. Is currently working for his father who is a fisherman.

Shamar #2—on the waiting list at Global Outreach. Stopped by the school on his bicycle yesterday to see if we knew anything about the waiting list. We are hoping that, since Shamar #1 will not be going, Shamar #2 will get to take his spot.

Stephan–accepted at Excelsior HS, Belize City

On a side note, two other students did not complete the year with us.

Calbert, whose mother moved him out of town to avoid some gang ‘stuff’ was accepted at Orange Walk Technical HS, Orange Walk

Kenneth was sent home from Friends School during the year last year for being constantly disruptive. We did however help him apply to Global Outreach where he was accepted.


Shamar #1 has been accepted at Gwen Liz and is coming by this morning for a transcript.

Shamar #2 has been accepted at Global in Shamar #1’s spot.

Brandon, who was a review (2-year) student last year, had been accepted at Global but came back this fall as a prep student. He got into trouble the very first day, and Ms Candi disciplined him. So he has decided to go to Global after all.  (irony anyone?)

The bus

Last spring the day before we needed to take the students to an athletic competition, the bus decided not to work. We took it to a mechanic and he has had a dickens of a time trying to find the problem.  After several different “solutions” he finally discovered, after I had left for the summer, that the module that controls the injectors was not working.

Ms Candi, bless her heart, was able to purchase a new control unit here in town for about 1/3 of the price the mechanic had quoted.  She purchased it, delivered it, and last week he called to say the bus would be ready this week.

One problem:  when the new control unit was installed the fan that was supposed to keep the unit cool was not working. (maybe the reason the module quit in the first place?) He stopped by to tell us that he could not find the fan in the auto supply stores in town.  He showed us the fan. It was a small fan like the ones in desktop computers so Ms Candi and I went to a local computer store where the tech found a used 12 volt fan that could be made to work.  We delivered it to our trusty mechanic about 5:00 last evening.

An hour ago he finally had the bus running and decided to drive it over to us. He was so excited to be able to finally deliver a working bus. But no.

On the way he was stopped by the police for having an out of date license plate. He tried to explain that it had been in the shop and he was just delivering it and wouldn’t they let us get a new license today now that the bus was fixed.

No dice.

Well, in order to get a license, the vehicle has to be inspected. In order to get it inspected we need to make sure all the lights and turn signals work, etc. etc.  So now our friendly mechanic, who we are beginning to know better than we had hoped, has the bus back making sure it will pass inspection.

I’m not quite sure how we are going to get it from the shop to the inspection station without another ticket, but I guess we will cross that bridge when we get to it.  The saga continues.