The rest of the story

7:45 Leave the apartment for the immigration office

7:55 Arrive immigration

8:00 Enter immigration office where the other couple from yesterday are waiting

8:10 First couple gets called in for interview. At this point I’m feeling really positive. This may go quickly.

8:25 First couple returns from interview and takes a seat in the waiting room.

9:00 First couple goes to the window to ask about progress, are told that the man who has to sign has not yet arrived and are given a 3:15 appointment.

9:05 I go to the window to ask if I will be seen this morning. “Oh, yes.”

9:15 One of the men we saw yesterday arrives at the office, not hurrying.

9:37 We get called for an interview.

9:44 Interview over, have a seat in the waiting room.

9:50 Me to attendant, “What happens next?”  Attendant, “They are signing your papers.”

9:56 Attendant, “Do you know that your passport expires in November?”  Me, “Yes, I have made an appointment in Belmopan for a passport renewal.” Attendant disappears into the back with my passport.

10:10  Attendant, “This permit will only be issued to the renewal date on your passport. When you get your new passport come back in.”

10:20 Attendant, “Take this to the cashier.” So I take the papers to the cashier and give her my $100.

10:22 Hand receipt to Attendant and watch her hand-write into the record books and hand-write on the work permit.

10:32 Walk out with Temporary Work Permit-Volunteer.  Good for one year (except I have to go back in when I get my new passport and get it properly stamped).


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