Wilmington Visit

After School Program and Field Trip to Caye Caulker

A visiting team from Wilmington was to have arrived on March 9, but there were difficulties with the flights so they arrived on the 10th.  Nancy McCormick and her daughter Talia came to be with our students and to direct an afterschool program for three days, Wednesday through Friday.  They stayed with the Barbers and asked Christy and Kassie to help with the program–an absolutely wonderful idea.


From left: Talia McCormick, Candi Young, Darcel Murray, Nancy McCormick

Here are some photos along with a few comments.








Christy Barber and Kassie Barber lead the singing.


Ms Candi getting in on the action.


Following a lesson time, there was craft time.  I did not photograph the lesson.


Cion’s rubber band bracelets


Ms Candi and Ms Talia help tie-die t-shirts

DSC02866 DSC02863

The team had raised the money to take the students to Caye Caulker on Monday. Ms Candi had arranged to make a presentation about our school with the elementary school on the island. Sadly, that plan fell apart, so the students got a full day of play.


These students were probably 50 yards from shore. Notice that the water is only knee deep. You can walk out a long ways before the water gets deep.


Lunch line


Student Anthony took this photo. The students love to take photos with my camera, and I let them.


Another view of the lunch line


It was Talia’s birthday.

DSC03022 DSC02976 DSC02956  “And a fun time was had by all.”


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