I am becoming aware that many of my postings are about the special events at school, and that I do not write much about the normal happenings.  I guess that is because taking more photographs of students doing homework is just plain boring. Rest assured, the most important work we do happens on the “regular” days.

But sports are fun too and we had our basketball competition yesterday. We traveled 20 miles out on Western highway to Cadets. Cadets is an institutional residential program that serves boys referred by the court.  Interestingly enough, some of our boys knew some of those boys.  How surprising.

basketballWhen we arrived the tents had been set up around the basketball court. There was one for each team and one for the officials. (The officials for our games are supplied by the department of Youth, Education, and Sports but we are responsible for paying their salaries for the day.)



The official’s tent









Friends School is in the dark green, 4H is in the light green.


Coach Darcel on the sidelines with our reserves.

basketball-9The competition was spirited but sportsmanlike.  The officials were pretty good and the boys didn’t question them. I liked that.





Ms Darcel was the coach.  We were allowed to have a different line-up for each game, so all of our students got to play, or at least sit on the reserve bench, for one game.











The boys caught me taking a bit of a nap in the car during the noon break.


Paul dancing to the drums.






We played two of our three games in the morning. Lunch break lasted a little over an hour. Then we only had to play one game in the afternoon.

During the lunch break someone showed up with some drums and a couple of our boys played.  You may notice that Paul almost danced out of his game shorts.




The good news is that we won two games out of three and we placed second among the 4 teams in our league. That is a major improvement over being blanked in both football (soccer) and volleyball.

I’m a little hoarse this morning. I might have done a little yelling, I’m not sure.






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