A Gathering of Quakers in Belize

On Sunday, February 15, the Quaker residents of Belize met at the invitation of Dale and Sylvia Graves.  Sam and Becky Barber graciously allowed us to meet in their home. Dale and Sylvia fixed the meal.

Judy Lumb, Dale and Sylvia Graves, Mike and Kay Cain, and Andy, Lisa, Spencer and Andrea Stout met at St. Andrews Presbyterian for worship and then proceeded to the Barber home. The Barbers had had responsibilities at the Assembly of God church and arrived shortly after we did.

Quakers in Belize

Front row: Sylvia Graves, Felicia Brown Barber, Naema Brown Barber, Malique Brown Barber, Andrea Stout. Second Row: Kassie Barber, Christy Barber, Dale Graves, Spencer Stout Third Row: Sam Barber, Becky Barber, Mike Cain, Kay Cain, Judy Lumb, Lisa Stout, and Andy Stout

Quakers in Belize 2We managed to get all the adults and some of the children around a couple of tables in the main living area. The other children ate at the picnic table on the upper floor balcony.  After dinner we took time to hear what each of us is “up to” now and had a short period of unprogrammed worship. It was great fun and Dale and Sylvia planned a trip to the Belmopan area to see what the Stouts were talking about. That trip is this coming Wednesday.

We enjoyed the gathering and plan to get together again in mid -May.  (I also felt bad about forgetting that Dan and Sarah Beane were in the country volunteering at the deaf school. It would have been fun having them at the gathering.)


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