The Bus

As you know, Friends United Meeting/Belize Friends School has recently become the proud owner of a small school bus. We purchased it from the manager of a hotel here in town.  On the first day that we took possession, Ms Candi drove it to school, all the students piled in, and we took a drive around Belize City. Following that little trip, we parked it in the back yard of our school board President, Mr. Tench and I went to Creative Marketing to order decals for the front and sides of the bus, hoping to have them before we took the bus on its first excursion. DSC02383The decals were ready on Monday but first it was necessary to remove the lettering that was already on the bus.  A little time with Ms Candi’s hair dryer, and some ambitious students, and that task was accomplished. Each student who wished to help used the hair dryer and removed a couple of letters. DSC02417Cion and Harrison, two of our ‘less weighty’ students climbed up on the top of the bus and did the work on the decal above the front window. After that was accomplished during the lunch hour, I took the bus a block and a half down the street to Creative Marketing where they applied the new decals.  See below. DSC02429       On Wednesday, we drove our new-to-us bus to Belmopan for the volleyball competition.  On the way there we suddenly heard loud noises from the back of the bus and stopped to have a look. The tread was coming off the inner right tire.  AhHa. The “new” tires the hotel had purchased were retreads, and not very good retreads at that.  Not only were we losing the tread on the inner tire, but the tread on the outer tire was showing signs of coming loose as well. We limped into Belmopan, got the students ready for their competition, then took the bus over to Caribbean Tire which just happened to be directly across the street from where the competition was taking place–God is good. We now have 4 new back tires on the bus. Recently a donor came to me after hearing about the bus purchase and said, “Your are going to have maintenance costs on the bus. How much do you think it will be?”  So I calculated the cost of license, insurance, oil changes, etc, took a stab at a cost for “incidentals” and gave him a figure for annual maintenance costs. He has already sent a check, so the new tires are cared for. Thanks dad.  (Don’t tell him you know, it would just embarrass him.) DSC02431

2 thoughts on “The Bus

  1. God is good! So is Dad. The bus will attract more students; will be in good condition; life will take on new dimentions. God is indeed good!

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