Are you a Quaker

I posted this story this morning on facebook and then remembered that some of you who follow this blog are not on facebook so I am sharing it here as well.

I was walking in downtown Belize City a few minutes ago when I saw a young couple standing on the corner looking at their map. So I said, “Lost? Can I help you?”

Them, “No, we were just taking the walking tour.” I looked at where they pointed on their map, told them they were doing fine, and began to walk away.

I had gotten about three steps when the man said, “Excuse me, Sir?”

Me, “Yes?”

Man, “Are you a Quaker?”

Me, “Yes I am.” All the while trying to figure out how in the world…

Man, “I saw you shirt and was just wondering.”

Aha, I was wearing my teaching shirt with the “Belize Friends School” logo on it.

It turns out that they are not Quakers but are from Millsville, PA. According to them it’s “an old Quaker town.” We talked about the school for a minute and went our separate ways.

How fun.

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