The Banners


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Each year FUM asks the various ministries for a wish list.  The list is maintained in case anyone might call and ask if there is something particular that they could help with.  Western Yearly Meeting is very good, each year, to ask what is on the wish list.

This fall, we had placed a new banner on our wish list.  Western Yearly Meeting Outreach Board adopted this project and promised the $300 for the new sign.

Creative Marketing is a company a block and a half west of the school where we get our school uniform shirts screen-printed. I asked if they made banners, gave them the 2′ X 5′ dimensions, explained that it was for Friends School and started to say, “Bridging the gap…” The lady waiting on me nodded and finished the sentence. “between poverty and possibilities.”  Guess they know us.

I went back a week later to approve the design and told them that the purchase had been approved.  A couple weeks later the money had been sent and the banners were ready-but I wasn’t.  It would take a while to find the time to put them up on the entryway.

One Friday I announced that we would be working on the entryway sign the next morning if anyone wanted to come. Calbert asked, “Extra credit?”

Me, “No, this is just if anyone wants to help.”

banner story-6The next morning I was working along when Brandon showed up, “You onwon?” meaning, “Are you the only one here?”  I explained that I was and showed him the battery powered drill.  He drilled out the old pop rivets and we removed the old banners. At that point it started raining and we gave it up for the day.

Later on I was talking with Mike Cain at Sunday Morning worship and mentioned that we were replacing the banner. He said that it would be best to use pop rivets again because screws could be removed too easily. I mentioned that we did not have a pop rivet tool. Mike said, “I do.” So I borrowed it.

This week I decided that, no matter what, this needed to be done before I went home for Christmas. I worked late one afternoon, figured out how it could be done. The next morning I got some help to finish the job.

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Thanks everyone. I hope you like it.


1 thought on “The Banners

  1. What a difference a new banner makes. Very well done.

    Lane & Pam Sims

    On Fri, 19 Dec 2014 16:25:33 +0000 FUM in Belize

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