Thanksgiving Dinner

For the past few years, Sam and Becky Barber have had a tradition at the Friends School of serving an American Thanksgiving dinner to the students and taking some time to help them think about what they are thankful for.

The traditions continues.  Two weeks before Thanksgiving we met to plan a menu and make a shopping list: Turkey, potatoes, green beans (later changed to corn), cranberry jelly, fruit juice, sour cream, butter, milk, onions, pepper sauce, stuffing, cranberry jelly,  coconut oil, flour, evaporated milk, sugar, pumpkin pie filling, and whipped topping.  Of course don’t forget the plates, forks, cups, napkins etc.

thanksgiving dinner - Copy           The three of us arrived at “Save U” on Monday afternoon.  All was well until we couldn’t find sour cream and pumpkin pie filling.  No problem, I would check a couple of other groceries, purchase the sour cream and pumpkin pie filling and deliver it to the Barbers where I would accept an invitation to stay for spaghetti dinner.

“P-Market” had the sour cream, but no pumpkin pie filling.

“Brodies.” “Brodies” will have it, I’m positive. I checked the aisles I thought looked promising at least three or four times before I asked for help.  Soon there were four of us looking. I’m not sure which one of us finally spied the 6 cans they had left but I purchased half of them and made the delivery to the Barbers where I accepted the invitation to stay for spaghetti dinner.  By the time I had arrived the turkeys were already thawing. Sam would start preparation the next day.


thanksgiving dinner-3 - CopyWednesday night it rained heavily for quite some time so Ms Candi and I headed into school early to see the condition of the classroom. Sure enough, it took about an hour and a half of work by Tyrese and Kevaughn, who had arrived at school a bit early, and Ms Candi and I, to shop-vac up the water on the floor, give it a good mopping and let it dry. That process set back the start of school by about a half hour but after that the morning was pretty normal.

thanksgiving dinner-4 - CopySam, Becky, Christy, Cassie, and Akeem (no, they have not adopted another child, Akeem is a former student) arrived between 9:00 and 9:30 and arranged the upstairs room for dinner.  At noon the students, having received a good bit of instruction about how to behave at a sit-down meal, came upstairs.

thanksgiving dinner-8 - CopyMr Sam read a scripture and Ms Becky instructed each of us to write our name on the board and then to write one thing we were thankful for. If you click on the picture below to enlarge it you may be able to read some of the responses.thanksgiving dinner-9 - Copy thanksgiving dinner-12 - Copy

thanksgiving dinner-7 - CopyThe students were each served a good sized helping and ate this ‘unusual’ meal. We were surprised that only 4 of the boys came back for seconds.   After everyone was done, we made up take-home meals and asked if anyone wanted one.  I think every boy took one on the way out the door and there was enough left for Ms Candi and Ms Darcel to take some home to their families.

I later checked outside and several of the boys were still hanging around–not a take-home meal in sight anywhere. The had already eaten them. I was very surprised that the boys had said they didn’t want seconds and then went outside and ate their take-home meal. I asked Ms Candi later what that story was.  She said it was because the boys were trying to impress the Barber girls and didn’t want the girls to think they were greedy.

Made me smile.

By the way, if you can’t read it, my note on the whiteboard says that I’m thankful for the students.

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