Football Competition

Football competition-11

The Football Team: Back Row L-R Shamar I, Tyrese, Stefan, Shamar II, Calbert, Mario, Ms Candi. Front row: Jevon, Damion, Harrison, Anthony, Paul, and Kevaughn  Lying in front: Kenneth and Brandon.

Uniforms were passed out on Monday and worn to practice.  We got them cleaned on Tuesday, had our final practice and everyone was reminded, again, to be at school to get on the rented bus by 7:30 am.

So, of course, Ms Candi and I headed out at 6:30 to make final preparations.  By 7:30 a little over half of our students were there, not bad by Belizean standards.  Better yet, by 7:45 we were on our way. We picked up Mario and Kenneth on the way because they live between the school and our destination at Global Outreach, out near Belmopan, where the contest was to be hosted.

Football competition

Practicing ahead of time. We played three different goalies during the two matches. Mario, who is in the net here, Shamar, who is the kicker in this photo, and Brandon who is in the net on the photo below.

Football competition-2

We reached our destination about 8:45, were assigned our team area and learned that one of the four teams that we were counting on had withdrawn at the last minute.  Originally we had planned to play Team 1 and Team 2 in the first game, Team 3 (us) and Team 4 in the second game, losers bracket in the third game and winners bracket in the 4th game. It would have worked perfectly. But with three teams we played round-robin instead.  We played the second game and the third game.

Football competition-12

Mr Jerome and Ms Darcel get the boys together before the game.

Football competition-15

Mr Jerome “coaching up” the boys at half-time.

We got better as we went. The first game we lost 4-1. The second game we lost 1-0. I suppose I should feel bad about that but I don’t. The 11 boys on the field and the 4 reserves comprise over 75 percent of our student body, way above the other two schools who each have 60 students.

Football competition-13

My favorite photo of Ms Darcel.

Football competition-4

Mr Jerome looks like he is frowning constantly, but he is a really good guy who likes the boys. I have no idea how much hair is under that hat…

On the way home, I asked Ms Candi and Ms Darcel about their perceptions of the day. Both of them felt very proud of our guys and the way we handled ourselves–and about the way we played.  So did I.

This morning we took a good while during opening exercises to tell them so.

Football competition-8

Before the match we lined up for prayer and to sing the Belize National Anthem. I was surprised that our guys were hesitant to sing. They sing it quite well each morning during opening exercises.

Football competition-9

Oops. I had earlier identified this person as the Minister of Sports, but Ms Darcel says that is incorrect. This is the director of 4-H, one of the institutions that we compete against.

Football competition-7

Frankie Wade, the director of Global Outreach, welcomed the participants.

I should apologize for not having pictures of the actual competition, but the old coach kinda of got into the game.

2 thoughts on “Football Competition

  1. Congratulations boys!!!. Your teachers said you played well. That is the important thing. I wish you success in the future.

    Florence (former teacher at FBS)

  2. We’re glad that football competition is part of your school life! Chris and Ed Nicholson
    Ed was a soccer player and briefly a soccer coach and is a 75+ year soccer fan. His
    father was a soccer player and coach at a Friends School.
    Enjoy your playing!

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