Field Trip II


Mr Tench was the tour guide at the weather bureau. Here he was explaining what we were about to see.


We saw the anemometers. One was about 6 feet off the ground and the other about 20. We learned that they often do not have the same readings.


The doppler radar had ‘gone down’ the day before and they were waiting for a part from Germany before it could be repaired.


This tank measures evaporation rate.

I didn’t think anything could top swimming with the sharks and the rays and maybe it can’t, but Mr Tench and Ms Candi put together a good one.  We crammed Mr Tench, three staff, one parent, 14 students, two staff children, and a driver in an 18 passenger van and headed for the weather station where Mr Tench works.


The weather bureau is right next to the airport so it seemed logical to include the airport on the agenda for the day. The visit to the tower at the airport was very informative. I don’t know how much the students learned, but I learned a good deal.  We were lucky enough to be in the tower when the Delta flight arrived.


In the tower. The man seated on the right was controlling the incoming Delta flight. The man on the left brought in two smaller airplanes while we were there.


We spent about an hour at each facility and then got back in the van and headed about 10 miles or so to an eco-park named BACAB.  I had not ever been there. It is possible to arrange many different activities: kayaking, hiking, horseback riding, bicycling, and swimming.  There is also a nice restaurant.

We chose eating and swimming.  And that’s all I have to say about that.



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