The Questionnaire

Here is what I’ve come up with.  The actual questionnaire is printed front-to-back on one sheet of paper. I expect that I will be the person filling it out while having a conversation.

Friends in Belize Questionnaire

  1. Name of person interviewed:
  2. Name of organization represented:
  3. Have you heard of the Belize Friends (Boys) school before?
  4. If the answer to #3 is yes. What have you heard about the school? (What kind of reputation does it have in the community?)
  5. Do you think there is a need for this kind of school? Does it needs to expand? Are there ways that the school can change that would be helpful?
  6. Have you ever heard of the Society of Friends (Quakers)? If so what do you know about them?
  7. (Take some time to explain Quakers, if necessary. Explain that Friends United meeting is a worldwide Christian organization with equal emphases on the the inner testimony of the Spirit of the Living Christ (the Inner Light) and the outward mission of living out the gospel message.  Mention the testimonies of peace, equality and integrity. Continue that discussion if it seems helpful.) Do you think there is a place for a Quaker Church in Belize? In Belize City?
  8. What do you consider to be the most serious issue(s) in Belize, Belize City, south side of Belize City?
  9. What efforts are currently underway to address those issues?
  10. Are you involved in any of those efforts? In what way?
  11. What do you think could be done?
  12. Would you be interested in participating in a consultation about what might be done address the issues on the south side of Belize City?
  13. (If the person seems particularly appropriate, especially sympathetic and willing to be deeply involved. This question may be reserved for a later conversation.) Would you be interested in being part of a small group of Belizeans who would work with a small group of Americans to develop a plan for Quakers in Belize?

Suggestions welcome.

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