The Garden

When Ms Darcel and I took some students to World Food Day, each student who went through the tent of the Ag. department got to choose a tomato, or pepper or some other plant to take home and plant. The teacher of the class also got a box of plants.


Paul, Tyrese, and I making ‘constructive suggestions’ to Damion


Tryese running the weed whacker

We came home with 4 tomatoes, 4 cabbage, 2 lettuce, 4 peppers, and some cilantro seeds and carrot seeds.

After some conversation, Ms Candi and I decided that it was going to be expensive to repair the carpet ball game.  It needed new carpet, the boards were no longer completely level, and we would have to replace the balls because they had been mistreated.  So we decided that it could become a raised garden.


Dirt bags. Real honest to goodness dirt bags.

The soil in Belize city is not exactly conducive to growing wonderful gardens, but we found a man who imports black soil. Mr Sam and I found him, loaded up 10 sacks of soil and returned to school.  By the time we returned, Ms Candi had the students cleaning up the long narrow area east of the school.

We would need to get 10 heavy bags of soil over the fence and into the garden. Whoa. I have never seen students fight over who gets to help. Literally fight. I will admit that I quickly tired of that and took over the process.

The soil was very wet, so after it was placed in the garden we put the students to work cleaning out the small ditch that runs in front of the school.  More fights.

I returned on Saturday to put the plants in the garden.  It is the rainy season and the soil was still wet but they needed to be planted, so I ‘mudded them in.’

garden-8 garden-7

I just checked, we still have 4 tomatoes, 4 cabbage, 3 peppers and 1 lettuce.  Attrition? 1 pepper, 1 lettuce.  The tomatoes are turning the darker green that happens when they are transferred from the greenhouse to the outdoors. It will be fun to watch our garden grow.


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