Snippets IV

You know those lovely looking palm trees? Well they have thorns, nasty thorns.  At least the one by the school does. I was helping the boys clean out the ditch and accidentally put my hand down on an old palm branch and got 4 pricks in the back of my right middle finger. It took three days for the pain and swelling to go away.

I’m thinking that the people who waved the palm branches when Jesus rode into Jerusalem must have had a different kind of palm tree.


We have a nice variety of biting insects here in Belize.  Most notorious, for me, are mosquitoes, no-see-ums, and sand fleas.  The little critters all manage to get in my apartment even though I have screens on the windows and the door. I even spray the house every few days.

Nevertheless, I get bitten.  And after I have been bitten 2 or 3 times I start imagining bites that aren’t even there. Does anyone else have that experience?


Imagine a man on a bicycle with two 5 gallon buckets, one hanging from each side of the handlebar, calling out in a loud barker-like voice, “Sea-weed. Ice cold sea-weed.”

Really?  I must try some.  Ms. Darcel says it’s good.


I mentioned this one on facebook, but some of you are not facebook friends so I’ll repeat it here.  I went with some students to the World Food Day presentation at ITVET, a local technical college, and a lady was selling oatmeal cashew cookies.  I bought one and really liked it.  I asked her for the recipe.

She smiled and said that I couldn’t have it. I was surprised because in the states, when I ask for a recipe, most cooks are pleased to share.  But I guess it’s different here because if you make your living selling your wares, your recipe really would be a trade secret.


I bought a double carton of toner cartridges last month because we were getting ‘low toner’ warnings from the school printer.  Last week the toner ran out and I replaced it with one of the new cartridges. My computer was still giving the low toner warning, which I assumed was simply a miscommunication, but after about 30 copies, sure enough, we were getting streaky prints.  So I took out the cartridge, shook it, and put it back, thinking maybe the toner was just clumped. Nope. Empty.

I replaced it with the other cartridge and everything is working fine.

Of course, I took the cartridge back to the place where I bought it. And, of course, they wouldn’t replace it because there is no way to tell if a cartridge arrived empty in the first place or if someone used it up and then tried to get a free replacement.  I understand that. But that’s a really expensive un-correctable error.  The school doesn’t have $100 US to just throw away.  Grumble, grumble.

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