Snippets III

I went with Candi to the “Belize National Teachers’ Union, Belize Branch general membership meeting.”  It lasted about 3 hours. We heard reports from the officers, an update on health insurance, and an update from the chief negotiator on the current state of negotiations.

Afterward Ms Candi caught me smiling and asked why.  I said that I had heard all of it before, at home, and, in fact, had pretty much made the same speech the chief negotiator just made. (Those of you who know that I was the chief negotiator for the Mooresville Classroom Teachers for a few years will understand.)

The difference here is that the union is negotiating with the government in a nationwide negotiations process.


I have learned that we do not currently pay health insurance for our teachers.  I’m not very comfortable with that.  I shall investigate the cost.


flowers for basketLast Wednesday, Antione, Candi’s youngest, was supposed to bring a gift basket to preschool to be shared with someone ‘less fortunate.’  Of course Ms Candi learned of this on Tuesday.  So she hustled out and bought some household and cooking items and put them in a basket.  Our students decided the basket was far too plain and needed some decoration.  They returned from morning break with flowers.

Where did they find the lovely flowers? Down the block a little ways, they were just hanging over the fence out into the street.  That makes them public property, doesn’t it?  They were so proud of helping that I didn’t have the heart to suggest that they, perhaps, shouldn’t have picked the flowers.


Me, talking to myself while waiting to make the Social Security payment for our staff.

Me, “Relax Dale, you have to get used to standing in line.”

Me,  “(For an hour and a half??)”

Me, “Relax Dale, you have to get used to standing in line.  Relax Dale…”


I needed something from the Hofius Ace Hardware store last week. When I walked in the store they were putting out the Christmas decorations.  Silly me, I had hoped that I wouldn’t have to put up with Christmas decorations in October outside the US.

2 thoughts on “Snippets III

  1. I enjoy your posts. It made me laugh when you said the flowers were hanging over the fence because I was told that if I put laundry or towels out someone might “borrow” them.

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