Snippets II

If you read the original Snippets you get the idea. None of these is long enough for a full blog, but I wanted to tell you anyway.


When Sam Barber came into school the other morning we were commenting that it didn’t feel too bad outside.  Sam mentioned that he had felt a little cool that morning when he got up and he went around turning off all the fans in the house. Then he looked at the thermometer on the wall. 80 degrees.


Mr Sam had jujumper cablesst come to school when the boys wanted to know if he could help jump start the car across the street.  He said that, yes, he did have jumper cables. He didn’t even have time to get back in the car to move across the street when the boys had pushed the other car over to us.  And then they all ‘helped’ jump start the car.


I took Sylvia to the airport today after a rather nice week together here in Belize.  On the way back into the city there are several speed bumps.  Let me explain that the Belizeans are serious about their speed bumps.  I slow down.

In many instances the speed bumps correspond with pedestrian crosswalks and pedestrians have the right of way.  So on the way back into the city, I slowed for a speed bump and a young man was standing on the edge of the road. He spoke, “Ride into the city?”  So I said, “Sure” and pulled off. He got in, looked at my shirt and said that he had attended Friends Boys School and talked about what a good school it was for him.

I asked him where he wanted to go in the city and he asked me if I was going to the school. I said that I was so he rode to school with me,  poked his head in the door, said hello to Ms Candi, and went on his way.


It is becoming apparent that street signs must be against the religion here in Belize City


Our students have been going, three at a time, to the public health facility to get their teeth cleaned. (See earlier blog about the dentist coming to visit.)  I get to be the one who sits in the dentist’s office with each student.  I’m remembering how much I do not like the sound of a dentists drill, shudder, but I’m being very brave for the student’s sake. 😉

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