Athletic Competition

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The 4-H Youth Development Center runs a program like ours except that it is a residential facility.

Several weeks ago now, Ms Candi got a call from 4-H in Belmopan to see if we would be interested in talking with some other groups about athletic competition. (4-H has a school that serves students like ours in the central part of the country.)  The problem is that some of us do not fit into the categories for the usual athletic competitions.  The primary school competition is limited to students who are 14 and under.  About a quarter of our students turn 15 before the school year is over. The high school competitions would be completely out of our league with our having many students who are 12 or 13 years old.

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Ms Candi was the only female rep. Cool.

So representatives from some of the schools met in Belmopan on Friday and began to outline the athletic competition. Competition will be on a school day and we will all meet at the host location and compete against the other schools. The competition will take most of the day and we will compete against several other teams during the day.

On November 12, we will compete in football (soccer), hosted by Global Outreach.  On January 28 we will compete in volleyball, hosted by Friends School.  On February 29 we will compete in basketball (date and host tentative). And on April 22 we will compete in track and field hosted by 4H.

Of course I’m most excited about the track and field competition, and we are thinking ‘pie in the sky’ by hoping that maybe we can compete in the Marion Jones stadium here in the city, which has a world class track.  Ok, so it’s not likely, but you never know until you try.

Belize Friends School will host another meeting in a couple weeks to hash out details. Welcome to Inter-Institutional Sporting Competition 2014-2015. Possible participating institutions: Belize Friends School, Living Hope, National 4-H Youth Development Center, National Youth Cadet Service Corp., Youth Hostel, Global Outreach, Southside Youth Success Program. If all 7 participate this could be worthy of some press coverage.

I’ll keep you posted.

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