Tyrese II

If you have not read “Tyrese” you should probably read that first.

The short story is that Tyrese got to go on the field trip.  The long story is a bit more interesting.

By Thursday afternoon, we had all the paperwork to all the necessary people except that (and I don’t know all the logisitics) we needed a paper filled out by the court appointed social worker and signed by the magistrate.  There was one little hitch; we were informed that all the judges in the country were at a retreat for the weekend.

Ms Candi, “Oh, Mr. Dale, what now?”

A bit of brainstorming later and Candi had contacted a retired magistrate that she knew and received some instructions on how to proceed.  All that she needed to do was to be at the court Friday morning at 10:00 with Tyrese and get the paper work signed.  There was only one slight problem. 10:00 am was smack dab in the middle of one of our three school board meetings for the year.

No matter. She could give her report right at the beginning, get to the court and be back for the latter part of the meeting when we planned to brainstorm for the future. She left with Tyrese at 9:40.  At about 10:15, Ms Darcel received a text that the social worker did not have the paperwork filled out and Candi was just going to stay there and see it through.

And that she did. We learned later that the social worker got just a little tiny piece of Ms Candi’s mind, but the paperwork was finally completed and taken up to the magistrate who signed it.  Tyrese was ready to go, and go he did. He had a great time.

But wait, there’s more. This morning Tyrese didn’t show up to school so I asked where he was. (Remember that he get’s delivered to the school by the van from the youth hostel.) Ms Candi said that he had a court hearing today to see if he could be released. At about 10:00 am we got a call from Tyrese’s mom.  She was at court and Tyrese wasn’t and no one seemed to know where he was.

Now it gets complicated, but I will just tell you what we learned later in the day. The hostel had delivered Tyrese to the local police precinct station to be delivered to the court.  However the bus driver never checked him in so when we called the precinct they had no record of his being there.  Consequently they didn’t deliver him on time to the court.

By the time that was straightened out and he arrived at the court the judge had already continued his case to November 4.  So, through no fault of his own, Tyrese gets to stay in the hostel for another 5 weeks.  It is unbelievably frustration for all of us, but, of course, most of all for Tyrese.

I’d like to tell you that this is uniquely a Belizean problem except that I taught at the short term offender facility in Plainfield for the last year, and I know that this is not uniquely a Belizean problem. But that doesn’t make it any less frustrating.  A little prayer for Tyrese could be in order if you’ve got the time.

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