It’s never as easy as it sounds.

I’m beginning to suspect that the first answer to any question asked of the Ministry of Education, or any other Belize governmental agency for that matter, should be taken with a grain of salt.

We want to change the name of the Belieze Friends Boys School to Belize Friends School, because we have begun accepting girls.  So Candi called a lady who works for the ministry and asked her what the process was. Her reply was that we would need to write a letter asking for the name change, that it would be received in the office here, they would forward it to Belmopan, the Capitol City where the main government offices are, and it would be approved.  We could then start working with our suppliers and the other people we do business with to make the name change with each of then.

Not so fast, Nellie.

Today the same lady called from Belmopan.  If our initial charter says that the school is for boys and we want to take girls then we will have to have the correct bathrooms, and the lunchroom arrangement will need examination, and they will have to inspect this and they will have to inspect that, and besides all that, the application process will take about 16 months, but she would be glad to forward the proper paperwork.

Silly us, we said, “Send it.”

After looking it over, it became plain that the process was identical to starting a new school.  We would have to include building plans, what grades we would be teaching, and so on and so on.  And the old category, post-primary, that we operate under now, is not even one of the choices any more.

“Belize Friends Boys School” is sounding better all the time.

3 thoughts on “It’s never as easy as it sounds.

  1. Better to leave things the way they are.. Change the name on your tee shirts to Belize Friends School, and the name over the door if you want and in any ads you put out, but don’t try officially to change the name. You will end up having to pay lawyers, etc.

    • Merilee, the school is called a continuation school. It gets kids ready to go to high school. The diploma we give is mostly symbolic. We work with the local high schools to accept our students, the diploma doesn’t have much to do with it. We have all the girls from last year currently attending high school and one of them is on scholarship. Hope this information is helpful.

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