A Visit to St. Andrews

St Andrews

St. Andrews on a cloudy Sunday morning.

Judy Lumb, a Quaker who lives on Caye Caulker, emailed me this week that she was coming into town to attend worship at St. Andrews Presbyterian and would be going out to eat afterward with Mike and Kay Cain.  I crashed the party.

St Andrews-4

This one was taken with my phone. I hope you can see Kay Cain coming to greet me and Mike at the soundboard.

As I understand it, Quakers are in Belize at the invitation of Ms. Sadie Vernon.  This was Sadie’s home church; she was also the organist. It has sort of been the unofficial home to the Quaker delegation to Belize since that time.  I arrived about twenty minutes early and the first person I saw was Kay Cain who smiled a great big smile and came to give me a hug.  Then Judy, who was sitting up close to the front noticed me and also welcomed me.  Mike was busy at the soundboard.

I had a chance to meet the pastor and another Mike, a Presbyterian minister who is on assignment in Belize for the next four years.  He’s most recently from South Carolina and is in Belize with his wife and 3 teenage children.  He was by himself this morning; his family comes to the 6:00 pm service.  We got to know each other a little and promised to have further conversation as the year goes along. He also gave a fine sermon, although for this Quaker he could have cut it a bit shorter and incorporated a little unprogrammed time.

Following the final prayer, we celebrated the birthday of one of the members by singing happy birthday to her and sharing some sandwiches, cupcakes, and punch.  I discovered that she had volunteered to make the snacks herself as a gift to the congregation.  Pretty cool.

Judy, Kay, Mike and I then went to eat lunch at Celebrity, a local restaurant with a wide selection of American and Mexican cuisine. (I admit that I ordered the bacon cheeseburger and fries; I’ve not had a beefburger in 3 weeks.) We sat for quite a while afterward just visiting and me asking lots of questions.  I love these people.



2 thoughts on “A Visit to St. Andrews

  1. We went to Caye Caulker. I hope you get to visit it. Streets were dirt back then. It’s a nic sail to the Caye. I love the chartreuse walls of the church!

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