None of these “snippets” is enough to blog on its own, but I wanted to share.

___We were driving through Belize City and noticed a white man and a Belizean riding bicycles side by side. The white man turned suddenly, apparently without warning, into the Belizean.

Darcel, out the window, “Learn to ride, white man.  Oops, sorry Mr Dale.”

___Anthony is a little squirt who seems to have attached himself to me. On the second day of school he showed up at 7:15 for the 8:30 class, came upstairs and walked right into my office.  (I generally get to school about 6:45.) Since then, because I like to get some work done early in the morning, I have begun going upstairs and locking the door behind me. I walk to school so there is no exterior evidence that I am there.

Anthony, however, has me figured out and is upstairs saying ‘good morning’ as soon as Ms Darcel or Ms Candi opens the door. So I’ve invited him to come at 8:00 and we work on his math.  I thought he might not like that and quit coming early, but nope, he’s been there the last 3 days.  And Paul joined him Friday.  This could be fun.

___One day last week Calbert said, “Ms Becky, when white people come?”  Becky responded, “I’m white people. Mr Dale is white people.” Calbert, with a semi-disgusted look, “Noah (that’s Creole for “no”), when white people come?”

___Sam and Becky took me to the open air market last week.  In addition to the usual suspects, I saw fruit and veggies that I had never seen before; I don’t even remember their names.  Since then I have learned that one of the street vendors who comes by the school, from whom we buy the morning snack for the kids, also has lettuce and spinach and tomatoes on his cart.  I had garden salad Friday evening.

___Late Friday afternoon Darcel said, “Your birthday is Sunday, isn’t it, Mr. Dale?” Me, “Yes, I’ll be 39.”  Raucous laughter filled the room.  I don’t know why.

___I got a haircut at the local barbershop yesterday.  The barber obviously is not used to cutting ‘white man hair.’  After the instruction to just ‘take off a little all over’, I look a little like a freshly shorn sheep.  Perhaps the fact that the barber had one of those Carribean male pony tails that reached past his waist should have been a warning.

No problem. it grows.

___ These are just for fun. Hope you enjoyed them.

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