Crazy Day

I actually wrote this posting yesterday–and then decided to run it by a good friend with experience in the field before posting it.  This person, who I trust, said it was ok–that you should know…

“Well, that was a day I don’t care to repeat again tomorrow.

Yesterday afternoon a Chinese woman came to school to inform Ms Candi that 3 of our boys were throwing things over the fence into her establishment.  So Candi called and made arrangements for parents to accompany their children to school so they could talk about it.

As is often the case, there was one excuse after another this morning about why this or that parent could not come in.  While Ms Candi was still contacting parents, there was a fight and those two came upstairs as well.  So…  Ms Darcel had to begin Candi’s class while she dealt with those issues.  Then two students got out of line and were sent upstairs to work on their math homework by themselves.  Oh, not at the same time, of course. One student at first and then the other followed about a half hour later. One of those two was a student whose parent was supposed to come in about the incidents yesterday. Are you surprised?

Sporadically, through the day, Candi dealt with the three boys and somewhere in this whole arrangement, two more students were sent up by Ms Darcel for refusing to follow her directions and so we had that to deal with as well.

Sometime along, Ms Candi asked me if I smelled the “smoke” after lunch.  She was convinced that one of our students was ‘stoned’ following his lunch break.  So after we dealt with the misbehavior of the students in Ms Darcel’s class, we had about a half hour before going downstairs to do a bag check before releasing the students for the day. (Meanwhile, Mr Sam and I searched the area around the building and Sam found a package of 14 prescription antihistemine tablets hidden under the bench out back.)

I’ve been trying to process all of this as I’ve been writing.  First, it seems to me that I was the only one surprised by the events of the day.  Sam, Becky and Candi seemed to take it all in stride. Secondly, I’m reminded that we were invited here by Ms Sadie Vernon to make a difference.  I’m still figuring out what that may look like, but it must, at least in part, have something to do with kids who are hurting so much that they have to ‘act out.’

(So, is it OK to share that everything in the field is not all sunshine and roses?)

3 thoughts on “Crazy Day

  1. It would not be truly sharing if you report only the good news. We need to hear challenges as well. If it were all good news I would question your need to be there.

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