School lunch program

Well that was interesting.  I’m writing this just now because it just happened.

Our school participates in a government lunch program. We are asked each year to turn in the number of lunches we need and the names of the recipients.  We sent in 19 names.  At the time Sam predicted that we would get 15 lunches.

When I asked him why he made that prediction he said, “Because that is the number we got the first year and last year when we asked for 18 we still got 15.”  So, sure enough, when the lunches came today, we got 15.

But that’s not the interesting part.  The interesting part is that just now Ms Candi came upstairs and said we had some extra lunches.  The van that distributes the lunches to the schools had returned because one school that had ordered 115 lunches had turned back 80 of them.  So each of our students has now eaten 4 government lunches.

Ah, but that’s no all. There were still lunches left, so we hustled off to the local fast food place and bought a stack of styrofoam carry-out containers and began filling them with more lunches.  Some of our students, for whom lunch is usually the only meal of the day, are even going to get dinner this evening.

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