Current stats

When we checked yesterday we counted 15 students registered for the beginning of school next Monday. This does not mean that they will all actually show up but we are hopeful.
In the second chance schools like ours, of which there are three, it is common for students to continue to register throughout the month of September. Apparently September is a crazy month in Belize with several important holidays, and some of our students get through the holidays before suddenly realizing that it’s time for them to do something about school. It’s frustrating, but “it is what it is,” and we deal with it.
Because of the size of our facility, we are limited to 22 students. We will continue to work toward that number in the next few weeks.
On a side note, we had a young man come by this week and ask for an application form. After he left, Sam, Becky and Candi just sort of looked at each other. I asked what was up and they said that he was a brother to some other students we have had and that they have all been ‘fighters.’ Do we admit a student who we suspect will be trouble? Yes we do. He will be allowed to prove himself one way or the other. But, of course, he has to complete the application process, and we’ve not seen him again, yet.
Next week the students come for half-days and we spend that time in testing and getting to know them. At the end of the week we assign them either to the prep class (1 year program) or remedial class (2 year program). It’s an important time.

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