Goal Reached

When we started raising money for this year in Belize I asked FUM to pay for my housing, food, and travel, but mentioned that I would need no salary.  I am, after all, a retired teacher with a pension.  So we estimated a cost of $30,800, which surprised me. I had expected something much smaller.

Since then I have found an apartment which is the bottom level of a small home where the owner lives upstairs.  It has two small bedrooms, a small bath, and a long narrow living/kitchen area.  It will be just fine for me and I’m estimating a cost for rent and utilities at $500/month. (Electricity is twice as expensive in Belize as it is where I live southwest of Indy).  Anyway, that is considerably less than we had earlier estimated so I recalculated the cost at about $24,000.

Well, I received the report from FUM on July contributions and discovered that we had made the $24,000 goal.  Wow.  Thank you so much!

It is important for us all to understand that we are changing the configuration of the ministry in Belize.  I will not be the active principal of the school.  My task is defined as “director.” I will supervise Ms Candi, who will be half-time principal and half-time teacher, and I will explore the other possibilities for Friends in Belize. This change necessitated the acquisition of a new teacher.  (Ms Darcel Murray is our new teacher.)

So, in short, the cost of the FUM representative in Belize is going down but the cost of the Belize Friends School is going up.  If you know of Friends who are interested in the work in Belize and would like to contribute, please ask them to contribute to Belize Friends School, rather than to my ministry account.

I’m off to Belize next Monday and I’m excited about it.  I will hit the ground running because I have one week to work with Sam, Candi, and Marcel before school starts next Monday. That’s a little scary, but it’s ok, I had these jitters at the start of every school year from 1968 to 2007.  It meant I was ready.

As I learn more, I will keep you posted.  Thanks for ‘listening.’


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