Visit to First Friends Indy

I arrived early, about 8:25, and walked out to the meditation area in the woods east of the meetinghouse.  After doing a little meandering, I arrived at the area where the benches were and another man was already there.  He smiled and I sat down and settled into worship.  Pretty soon he smiled again and walked away and then it was only me and the mosquitoes.

Just before 9:00, I went to find the Quakerism class, an adult class that is continuing through the summer. They were studying the chapter on peace in Phil Gulley’s “Living the Quaker Way.”  What made it special is that they did not all agree with Phil or with each other, but were able to disagree in a welcoming and loving way.  Of course the class was led by Ruthie, so what else would you expect?

Meeting for worship was, well, worshipful.  I was grateful for the chance to explain the purpose of my year in Belize and to give a small introduction to my understanding of Belize and the possibilities there.  Friends were invited to support the ministry by filling out a commitment form and dropping it in the basket in the lobby. During open worship a couple of friends spoke in support and at the end Ruthie stood with her arm locked in mine and offered a prayer of blessing for this effort.  That was pretty special.

Fellowship/coffee time after meeting gave me a chance to visit with Larry and Sue Mills (Larry is Sylvia’s brother) and several other Friends before they needed to go to monthly meeting for business.  It was a special morning.


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