Triennial Sessions

Well, we’ve been home from triennials what, a week?  Yet, parts of the triennial sessions are as fresh as if they happened yesterday.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Lloyd Stangland, Sammi Akifuma, and Alvin Wentz in planning for Quaker Men International.  Lloyd is doing a great job as vice-president.  The banquet was outstanding, and I will remember the remarks by James Bryan Smith for some time to come.  I’m wondering if the apprenticeship series is something that would be usable in Belize. That is worth investigating…

I attended the workshop on church planting by the Kenyans.  It was fun to hear about the churches that have been planted by Friends International Center on Ngong road in Nairobi. The presentations really gave me some things to think about in Belize–mostly the idea that the leadership of a church plant is most effective if it comes from the local people. Hmmm.

Richard Foster’s address was thought provoking and worth considering some more, but the highlight of the evening for me was the prayer offered by Ruthie Tippen.  It was the most eloquent, spirit lead, public prayer I have ever heard. Thank you Ruthie.

Especially gratifying was the encouragement I received from lots of folks about the upcoming ministry in Belize.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

1 thought on “Triennial Sessions

  1. I am also still very grateful for my experience at the FUM Triennials, including Ruthie’s prayer and your workshop talking about your new work. God bless you both. I am now at a meeting of the Friends World Committee’s Central Executive Committee in Northern Ireland. We are also considering how Friends can work better together around the world. I was much encouraged by my experience in Marion, and I keep reporting that to all the Friends that I meet. Thanks for making this blog easier to find.

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