School Board Meeting

Belize school board with new appointees in attendance.

Belize school board with new appointees in attendance.

Today the school board met in one of its three meetings of the year.  We did all the usual stuff. We approved a re-write of the guidelines for the school board, we approved the calendar for the next school year, pending surprises by the ministry of education, and we approved forwarding the names of two new board members to be forwarded to the FUM boards for final approval.

And that’s what I want to tell you about.  I’m sharing a story that has touched my heart. I know that sounds corny, but it’s true so here goes.

“George” (I want you to know that the name change is the only fictional part of what I’m about to tell you) is appointed to the board as a representative of the parents. Only George is not a parent, he’s an uncle.  It goes something like this.

George was working in New York city, successfully managing a club. His brother was also working in the US.  His brother had three children in Belize who were living with their mother. Mom basically threw the kids out of the house. She had her own life to live, you know? So they went to live with their grandmother, George’s mom.  Then grandma got sick and couldn’t take care of the kids and brother got really ill in the US and is under medical care there.

George gave up his green card and returned to Belize. And so we have a fortysomething unmarried man doing his best parent 3 teenage children.  Two of them are in public school. One of them has health and learning problems and attends the Belize Friends School.  George says his Friends School student loves the school and finds it a safe and loving community.  And for that George is grateful.

So we’ve asked George to take on one more responsibility, to be a member of the Belize school board, and he has accepted. And for that we are grateful.

7 thoughts on “School Board Meeting

  1. It’s good to hear the stories. And it’s great to know that the Friends School provides a safe and loving community! Thanks for sharing.

    • We’ll work on the head shots. Frank and Akeem will probably be easy since they come by the school frequently, Benjamin might have to wait until the next board meeting.

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